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Transworld services ltd has a service as a new builds contractor. We are new build housing developers for the private and public sector. Constructing new builds involves all of the multi-disciplinary team (MDT), where the new build architect, design engineer and construction engineer play a supervisory role within the new build housing development. The entire new build housing development is managed by the project manager.

In order for your project to reach the finishing line effective project management is a key priority for new build contractors like Transworld, where we will plan, organise and manage your resources effectively. Every new build housing developer must consider the scheduling, logistics, the environmental impact of the job, the public, materials, health & safety and the tendering process.

Put simply construction is implementing structure to land. All building construction or new build housing developments may vary in size and there are three vital considerations for you to know? Firstly the design aspect, the legal aspect and finally the financial aspect. These three points are important considerations because the project may have unwanted results, e.g the collapse of the building, budget overrun and litigation reasons. The Transworld team is experienced in the field of detailed plans/drawings and will oversee the project to ensure the right result for you.

All new build housing development must conform to local building regulations and codes of practice.

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"Overall the way the project was managed saved me time and money, the job was completed a lot quicker...Transworld come highly recommended for large commercial projects."

Brian Ellery
Managing Director
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