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Project Management

Project management entails three key aspects. Firstly planning, secondly organizing and lastly managing resources. These three key aspects are of paramount importance that will bring about the successful completion of specific goals and objectives you may have.

Those above aspects are an integral part of how Transworld conducts business which will ultimately benefit the end user such as yourself.


This is where we think about the project at hand and how we are going to reach that desired goal. Planning in some ways involves forecasting how the project will develop and how to react to unforeseen problems should they arise.


Here at Transworld we will oversee the project and ensure everything has an order of placement. For example, they may be several areas of expertise functioning in your space at the same time: a plumber; electrician and a kitchen fitter, we will make sure the division of work is organized, whilst they are all trying to achieve the same objective.

Managing Resources:

What does resources have to do with your job you may ask? (The 4 M's) Men, method, material and more importantly your money. We will carefully manage the resources so their will be economic value for you. The right people will be selected for your job and they will have the correct method to achieve the end result. It is necessary to have the correct machinery to perform the tasks and sufficient material will be bought. Managing resources effectively will reduce wastage in men, method, material and money. We will ensure you do not over spend on your budget.

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"Overall the way the project was managed saved me time and money, the job was completed a lot quicker...Transworld come highly recommended for large commercial projects."

Brian Ellery
Managing Director
Perrys Bathrooms

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