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Dear Customer,

Once I had acquired my first property I realised that there was plenty of cosmetic work to be done. So I set about going to various building companies and bought all the material to do my property up. I had a vision of what I wanted my house to look like that would suit my lifestyle. Once I had acquired another property which was also a project I continued the uphill struggle of refurbishing.

After a few years I suddenly realised that I enjoyed doing my properties up, adding or rebuilding them from scratch. My wife said to me, " you have a real eye for construction and interior design, why don't you do this for a living ", at that juncture I decided to set up Transworld. Nothing gives me more pleasure in life than sharing my love and passsion for building/construction with valued customers like yourself.

Transworld Consruction Services Ltd is a company designed to tailor your needs within the construction and property sector. We pride ourselves on "innovation" and "quality" two key elements of Transworld. What do those elements mean? Innovation would be the act of introducing something new as an idea and quality would be work satisfaction to the highest standard.

By the very nature of the universe we are living in an evolutionary state, where there are constant changes to ideas, concepts and lifestyle. Based on these undeniable and fundamental principles Transworld exists to capture these moments and changes and bring them to your living room, office building, restaurant, bar, nightclub, school, hospital, train station, bus stop, airport, prison, police station.......

Its a moving world and we are here to assist you move with it. We can create a comfortable & happy environment for you to live and work in.

Yours Sincerely,

Company Director
Transworld Services LTD

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